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BubbleKeiki gorgeous and powerfull drone/dreampunk album.ideal for working on art or studying. Favorite track: ◯-| ◯_.
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at the center

◯ a point of light -|
◯ passes _

◯ through the membrane stir _|
◯ ring the particles
from their slumber |||

◯ a -
- remnant remaining
of the life that ex
isted once before
in that point_||

_ with out boundaries
balancing in place
until it could no
longer be held up ◯
_ a point of light pass
es through the membrane
leaving the dust to
settle in the dark ◯

◯ but the light carries
with it the _||
◯ impression of the
particles _||

a memory


LSE人間の記憶's last release was in early 2016, so we're happy to welcome this outstanding artist to our label.
The piece the artist is presenting you here, is probably the most abstract album, we've released on our label so far. ◯ doesn't prepare you for the journey; it sends you right down the tunnel. Right onto the dark adventure. It lets you explore a realm, different from anything, you've gone through, before. ◯ can be about light. ◯ can be about darkness. When you'll come out on the other side, you won't know what ◯ actually wanted to show you, but with each listen, you'll get a little closer to what it's actually about.

Check the music video for ◯_| ◯ ||| on


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released July 29, 2017

It's July 29.



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首都 TAPES INC. Beijing, China

首都 TAPES INC. is an internet label specialized on experimental music, based in Beijing and Munich. Releasing story/conceptual albums only.
Library established in 2015

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